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The Ultimate Kayamo Guide

Who are we?

Kayamo is a Fintech Company in the Philippines that provides a broad spectrum of financial services such as secured lending, unsecured lending, consumer installment loans, digital banking, and insuretech. The team of Kayamo is composed of diverse and highly experienced international talents and is obsessed with offering innovative financial products that our customers love to use.

What do we do?

Basically, Kayamo funds the success of each and every Filipino. Kayamo is out on a mission to provide financial empowerment to the underserved through simple, innovative, and relevant products leveraging engaging platforms and easy-to-use technology to keep their customers happy at all times.

Currently, Kayamo offers as low as 0% interest rate depending on your loan term. More so, approval time now only takes 10 seconds!

How can we avail of Kayamo’s services?

You can now avail yourself of Kayamo’s promos and services in these 4-easy steps!

Step #1: Start by logging in or signing up at

Step #2: Click the Apply Now! You’ll be asked to authenticate your store. Select the platform that you wish to authenticate then proceed with the application form.

Step #3: Submit the completed application form and wait for the final verification. Our credit verification team will call you to confirm your details.

Step #4: You will receive an SMS message once your application is approved. The approval process takes less than 24 hours. Once approved, you can now transfer your funds to your bank account.