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Short Term Loans and the Pandemic

By: Jeanne Arieta
If you are someone whose nature of business is seasonal, or is affected by an economic crisis, short term loans can help you bounce back from the casualty.

During the pandemic, the business sector is the area that was affected the most. Almost all non-essential were forced to shut down because of lack of financial income due to the nationwide lockdown. As a result of these safety measures, disrupted supply chains, loss in sales, and an increase in unemployment became evident and greatly affected business owners and economic growth.

To be able to rise from the occasion, business owners may apply for short term loans as soon as possible to address problems such as decrease in the working capital and shortage of funds to purchase inventory.

Currently, things are slowly getting back to normal, and some of the businesses that shut down are slowly reopening. More so, digital marketing and selling became a thing. Its sudden rise paved the way for different online selling platforms to be utilized - Shopee, Lazada, Marketplace, etc. Even students and single parents had the opportunity to earn extra incomes during the lockdown.

However, either of the platforms (digital or offline), needs financial sustainability. To be able rise from the occasion or develop your current business, a short term business loan is what you’ll need. Kayamo, a trusted financial service by many Filipinos, offers the easiest and most affordable loans ever. Visit Kayamo’s website at for more funding options.