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Kayamo: The Lazada Seller’s Ally

By: Aladin R. Intoy Jr.
It is always good to have someone who has your back in pursuing your dreams and aspirations.

Having a self-owned business is a dream for most, if not all, people. Who would not want to become a boss in their own company, business, or venture? However, what makes a successful business a dream is because not all people can make it happen, or at least it is not that easy to make possible. Creating one requires more than drive and passion which most aspiring starting entrepreneurs already possess.

More so, if you have successfully started your small business, you can’t neglect the fact that other establishments already have a similar or related product or service that you offer. Hence, there will always be competition which is an additional challenge to the existing ones you already have as an entrepreneur. At the present, more and more people are venturing into online selling or creating their own businesses, making the competition tighter especially for small online sellers. Thus, those who will not be able to keep up might just end up failing and losing income instead of gaining.

One of the significant problems small businesses face is the lack of enough capital to expand or improve their products, services, or overall operations. Hence, online sellers venture into loans or borrowing money from different establishments to gain enough resources to scale up. However, most lending companies provide high-interest rates, which is not friendly for small online sellers. At the same time, others require several and hard to fulfill requirements making it challenging for merchants to apply for a loan successfully. Other than that, the application process and the approval take too long, which is detrimental in this fast-paced system of the e-commerce industry.

So, why is Kayamo an ally of Lazada sellers?

Luckily, with loans getting more popular than ever before especially for Lazada sellers who want to succeed in the business industry, Kayamo is here to be a friend and an ally. With Kayamo providing amazing deals, borrowers can choose what they see fit their needs. This includes the “Wow Loan” where you can loan as much as Php 100,000 and the “Kayamo Negosyo Loan” where you can borrow as much as Php 1,000,000.

Other than that, Kayamo asks very low in return with its low-interest rates for as low as 0%. In addition, Kayamo also provides amazing promos and loyal customer perks. To top it all, with Kayamo’s fast and easy application process and approval you can have your money as fast as 24 hours. See it for yourself by visiting Kayamo’s website at so you would also know how you can apply.

With Kayamo, Lazada sellers will decrease the burden to get more capital so they can focus more on improving their products and services. Indeed, Kayamo enables Lazada sellers to expand and excel in their respective businesses and other related endeavors. Who would not want to make that dream business come true? What business would not want to have Kayamo as an ally?