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Kayamo: Debunking Myths about Loans

By: Aladin R. Intoy Jr.
Myth #1: Loans involve long processing time

Clients often assume that loans take centuries just to be approved. Myth. In fact, loans nowadays are designed to have faster approval and even disbursal. Why do I say so? Kayamo is the living proof. Within just 24 hours, once done with the submission application form, a confirmation message saying your loan is approved is to be expected. With banking applications opened on the next tab, be ready to see your new balance within just split seconds.

Myth #2: Credible loans are only offered by banks

Credible loans are only offered by banks. Definitely a myth. Non bank lending companies are also valid sources of cash funding. A total number of [insert figures] have already testified towards Kayamo’s credibility - a non bank lending company. For the past consecutive months, the company continues to serve the underserved and to provide fast, easy, and affordable cash fundings.

Myth #3: Loans demand a high interest rate

Yes, it is indeed true that there are some lending companies that offer a high interest rate. However, Kayamo is not one of them. A myth. As of the moment, it offers zero-percent (0%) interest rate. Therefore, the statement loans demand a high interest rate does not apply to kayamo.

The aforementioned myths are just a few of the many that kayamo strives to debunk. We will continue to provide easy, fast, and affordable cash fundings to those who are in need as they are faced with another opportunity in the industry. If you want to know more about Kayamo and what it offers, you may go and visit