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How Will I Start My Startup Business Now?

Startups are companies that want to bring a certain product or service into the marketplace. Most of these companies do not have a fully developed business model yet and adequate capital to fully launch their platforms. More so, most of these companies are initially funded by their founders.

Fulfill your CEO dreams by following the tips below on how you should start your startup business:

1. Start something you’re genuinely passionate about. -Brit Morin

The most important thing is to make sure the business you want to start is something you are *personally* passionate about, not just a big business idea. You have to fight and grind every single day, and you’ll be less likely to give up during the hard times if it’s something you deeply care about. 

2. Find good people to support you. -Jack Dorsey

Reflect on what drives you and what you’re naturally passionate about. And find good people to support you.

3. Listen to what your gut says. Trust it. -Molly Graham

Wait for the moment when your gut or your heart makes itself very clear about difficult decisions. The other thing is you should always follow wonderful people that you want to learn from more than almost anything else in your career. 

4. Whatever you want to do, start yesterday. -Jeff Atwood

Whatever you want to do, start yesterday. Start earlier. Start Now. The sooner you start, the sooner you can reap the benefits or figure out that it isn’t going to work. And you won’t need to wonder “what if” because you did it already. There is nothing more painful than the “what ifs” you carry around inside your head. So act on them! Now!