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Get a Loan before 2022 comes!

By: Jeanne Arieta
If you really want to grow your business in 2022, and you need a loan to do it, you’ll need it before 2022. Here’s why:

1. Increase your inventory size before inflation rises
Some financial experts believe that the inflation rate will continue to rise. During the pandemic, it has been evident that a lot of products and services are constantly having a price hike. While nothing is really certain, there’s nothing to lose in preparing for the worse case scenario. Additionally, applying for a small business loan before 2022 may help your money go further than if you waited.

2. Take advantage on the time value of money
As they say, nothing in this world is constant, so is the value of money. Currently, your one thousand peso (P1000) would be enough for you to restock for a week. Hence, you may not know that the next day your P1000 would be just enough for a 3 day restock.

3. Value seasonality
If your products/services peak seasonally, you could risk missing out on expansion of business advertisements if you don’t apply for a business loan prior to 2022. Among these business marketing opportunities are: holiday advertisements, raffle or games promotional offers, increased reach via paid promotions tied with influencers, and etc.

Another thing about not having enough stocks for certain seasons such as Christmas, is that you’ll miss out on the opportunity of increasing your sales during these times. On holidays like this, people go on buying stuff that they do not usually buy such as Christmas lights, and etc. You might want to consider applying for cash funding to be able to cope with these trends.

These and more are the reasons why it is very important to get your business going by getting cash funding before 2022 comes. Kayamo is here to help you. With up to P100,000 cash funding at 0% interest, you’ll surely make the most out of the remaining days of 2021 and be equipped for 2022. For more details visit