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Encounter: Financial challenges during the Holidays?

By: Jeanne Arieta
The “Ber” months officially starts now. We all know how time flies so quickly during our favorite season. Filipinos are known for their extravagant preparations for the most awaited time of the year - Christmas. You could see Christmas lights outside their homes, new themes for Christmas trees, and even gifts placed under the tree especially made for the little ones. With this, financial challenges will really come during the holidays.

We don’t want you to feel burdened about the “holiday.” So sit back and relax as we have prepared tips for you to cope with financial stress during the holidays:

1. Personalize your gifts
Personalized gifts will cut your expenses into half than you expected it to be. Turn your hobby into something that’s profitable. For instance, if you’re doing crocheting you could give personalized tops to your nieces or even friends. In this way, you have saved enough money as well as given a unique and memorable gift to someone you love.

2. Reduce, reuse, and recycle
Every year, especially for the moms, Christmas themes have always been the most important thing. Do not throw away your Christmas balls, lights, and even socks; since, you might still use them as accents.

These tips would probably be helpful to reduce your financial challenges. If things do not go as planned, always remember that Kayamo will be willing to help you in your financial needs.

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